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Operators of the Haunted Forest

Robin Dellinger -I am married and have a total of 5 children, 11 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. I am a safety coordinator and I enjoy camping. I also enjoy having the Haunted Forest. I spend a great deal of time thinking of new things to put in it. The monsters and I both enjoy having the Haunted Forest.

Roger Dellinger - My husband was retired and liked to stand out front and talk to all the people going thorough the haunted forest and get them all nervous before they go in. He passed away Jan. 3, 2016

April Tate is my daughter, she has 2 teenage daughters Nicole and Taylor Knox that went to Western Alamance High School.  She is a QA at Meadwestvaco.  She is the guide and she enjoys taking people on the tour.  She and her husband help me build the haunted forest and get it prepared to open.

Jeff Tate is my son-in-law married to April and has a son named Kyle Tate.  He runs the chain saw and makes sure that they are running.  He also spend many hours helping to build the haunted forest.

The History or Story Behind My Site

I was talking to my daughter, April Tate and we where talking about Halloween. I told her how easy I thought it would be to make one in the woods behind our house. We did this for 6 years. We just put our heads together and started building, and make stuff to put in it. We got my other children involved and some kids in the neighborhood and have been doing it ever since. It  got bigger and better every year. We where voted one of the best the 5th year on We send 97% of the people who come to the Haunted Forest screaming to their cars.

We have decided to start again because we miss doing it and we get calls every year wondering if we are open. So here we go again and we hope that you will truly enjoy our new Haunted Forest Reborn


My husband, Roger was the ticket seller and banker, he passed away in 2016. Now my granddaughter Taylor is doing that job.  My daughter, April is the guide. Then we have the monsters which are, Jeff Tate, Robin, Shane, Jacob ( want be here he enlisted in the Navy), Avertta, Ricky, KK, Nicole, Jake, Kris, Heather and a few new crew members of extras will be needed for the upcoming year. The best people for the job are those who get a kick out of scaring people. It takes these kind of people to really make it work. It's not a job it's fun. or

Questions, email me a