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This is a good place to look at the pictures of what you might find waiting for you.
Real or fiction. Here are some pictures of my ghouls from years past. I have update these picture to include some of what you will find in the Haunted Forest Reborn. Come and visit but be prepared to be scared.

Help Wanted for the Haunted Forest Call 336-269-7648, 336-266-1780, 336-524-6283 or email me at

Go toward the light!

We'll be waiting for you in the Forest. Drop by any night.2017

Being Scared to Death and she works here.

Girls just like to have fun

Really going to miss him, he joined the Navy

Monsters having fun

Death awaits you here

They just want to have fun

Can you find them? They will find you.

Want to have FUN, We do.

Ghosly Appearance

I'll be hanging around just waiting for YOU.

These are our Clowns

Safe during the day no such luck at night. ENTER IF YOU DARE

Catch of the Day

Hope you come and visit our place. Our 2016 Monsters

This is our guide and she hates snakes, but they don't.

New additions to our forest

Some of you wmay not make it out

Cursed witches pot

Creepy Crawlers

Scared her so bad she was holding on to the guide

2014 Monsters and some of them still work here.

All kind of creatures await you if you dare. the puppet master and his doll

Always be prepared to be scared

In memory of those we lost

Wish you where here

Headless bride.

I'll be waiting just for you.