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Our First years
We have changed our Haunted Forest Extreme to the Haunted Forest Reborn. With lots of new things to Scare you to death.

Some of our old monsters.

Is she dead or alive

All smiles, but not for long

Scared the smiles right off their faces.

The creator of Pumpkinhead.

This is Bryan and he made the head of punkinhead and we helped build the body for him.  He is no longer with us. He is moving back to this area so I hope he will help us in 2010.

We live to SCARE!
We made the front page of Section D on Monday Oct. 14th 2002 in the Burlington Times News.
One of the Owner and operators of the Haunted Forest Reborn.
I even manage to sneak around and scare my monsters. So I can't wait for you to visit.
They just love the woods.
Pumpkinhead is so bad I couldn't get them away from the camera or out of the woods.

This is some of our greatest moments that we enjoyed.  Wish we had pumkinhead back.