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Robin Dellinger at 336-524-6283 or 336-266-1780 or April and Jeff Tate at 336-269-7648

Our Addresses

Robin Dellinger                          April & Jeff Tate
303 Elmira St                            153 Darrell Davis Rd
Burlington, NC 27217                 Burlington, NC 27217

336-524-6283                           336-269-7648




Online Contact Info

Here is your chance to get over you fears. Come and work in the Haunted Forest Reborn. I can't promise that it will work but it did on me. I use to hate chain saws but working in the Haunted Forest has gotten me over that fear. If you like scaring someone this is the best and easiest way to do it. Our employees have so much fun and so can you. Call us Robin at 336-266-1780 or email me at, April or Jeff at  336-269-7648.

Come and Find Your Most Horrible Nightmare.