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We scare our on monsters
This was in the Burlington Time-News Monday Oct.14, 2002 on the fron of Section D.

We furnish black robes to wear or you can wear camo clothes. If you have a mask you can bring it.  We have gotten new costumes and and masks. You just have to show up ready to have fun and work. You noticed that fun was in front of work.

Food and Drinks for the workers.

This is something else that is furnished. We always have something to eat and drink. Like drinks, chips, hotdogs, soup, chili & cookies at each break.

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We try to change it up every year.

If you would like to work in the Haunted Forest please contact Robin at (336-266-1780) or email me at dellinge@bellsouth.net or April & Jeff at 336-269-7648.

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They look harmless but they aren't.

They will be waiting for you

This is one of my favorite images but they don't look like this in the forest.